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Opera Cameratina is a group of classical music enthusiasts who co-fund small-scale operas and recitals.  The group chooses the music and where possible, the performers that it wants to hear and shares equally all costs of the production not covered by ticket revenues. 

For both aesthetic and practical reasons, Cameratina has a focus on less familiar chamber operas performed in small venues.  This gives an intimacy and immediacy to the music that larger productions can miss.  All sponsors have an equal say in steering Cameratina’s direction, including the choice of music, performers and venues.

It is not just the performances though.  A number of talks, meals with the performers and other social events will be interspersed between the performances.  The small group of subscribers enables an inclusive and lively discussion promoting participation and debate between like-minded enthusiastic people, enjoying the complete musical experience.

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Cast & Crew at 'The Bear'


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